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Screen Printing

Screen Printing | Karl's Embroidery & Screen Printing - Deming, NM

Have an event coming up? Want to put your company’s name out there for everyone to see? Custom screen printing your very own t-shirt or banner is a great way to do that and the experts here at Karl’s Embroidery & Screen Printing in Deming, NM have just what you need to get it done.

Screen printing creates a template for your special design and applies color through a taught screen so that the lines and colors are precise and exact. This polished and manicured look is what makes screen printing so perfect for a banner or sign that looks professional and business-like.

Screen printing banners and signs are a great way to attract attention for your organization. If you’re a new business and need to get your name out there, a custom screen sign can achieve that for you.

When you’re hosting your next event, quality screen printed signs and banners can be a great way to direct people, attract attention, and make the impression that you take your position seriously. We even screen personalized business cards.

Custom screen printing for shirts is our specialty. Whether you’re a fraternity, sports team, or local club, a t-shirt is a great casual way to spread the word without having people attend an event. Let the design and words on your clothing speak for themselves.

We don’t just do shirts and banners – we can do anything article of clothing, including shorts, pants, jackets, and sweaters. Personalize your accessories such as your bag, umbrella, or hat. There are a lot of ways to be noticed with personalize items with screen printing.

Contact us to order your personalized shirts, banners, and business cards today. We can answer any questions and show you how creative and beneficial having your event or organization screen printed can be. Use Karl’s Embroidery & Screen Printing for all your screen printing needs.

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